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Test Automation Services

As a team of professionals at automation testing services, we understand the importance of maximum speed when it comes to building a business platform. Here at PixelQA, we offer test automation services and intelligent automation frameworks to minimize QA costs while focusing on the best interfaces for testing. Our automation testing company offer:

  • Executing test automation feasibility analysis
  • Determining and configuring testing tools (Selenium, Ranorex, REST Assured, Apache, JMeter, etc.)
  • Creating personalized business test automation frameworks
  • Merging test automation into the CI/CD pipeline
  • Preparing test data and creating & sustaining test scripts
  • Constantly optimizing the testing to increase efficiency and reduce costs
regression technique used in automation testing services

The Benefits of Automation Testing Services

A suite of automated tests creates a built-in safety net for all your future releases. With years of experience, our expert testers provide automated testing services for websites, mobile apps, and various types of software. Rest assured, knowing no new features can cause a regression, and even if they did, your test automation services will find it.

Our automation testing company helps you:

  • Significantly reduce testing costs by up to 20-40 percent
  • Reduce testing times by up to 20 percent
  • Significantly increase the accuracy of work
  • Achieve minimum severe defects in production
  • Develop releases up to multiple times a day
  • Support larger projects that require constant testing

Why Choose PixelQA as Your Automation Testing Company?

Custom Testing

Whether you need automation testing service on browsers, mobile apps, operating systems, or validate databases, we make that happen using custom testing for your specific requirements.

Custom Service Estimate

We are looking forward to working with you for many years to come. But if you need a few months of test automation services, we can give you a personalized estimate for our automation testing services.

Best Solutions Under One Roof

Our team is up-to-date on the latest trends and is adept at handling and implementing various tools. Additionally, we provide manual testing services, API testing services, and QA consultation.

Effortless onboarding

As soon as you walk the team through your project details, we’ll get started on the testing automation services.

Professional Automation Testing Service

Working with a team of highly experienced testers, PixelQA offers cost-efficient services that stand out in this industry.

Competitive Pricing

When choosing an automation testing company, your budget is an important factor. At PixelQA you can hire testers with competitive prices and within your budget.

Contact Our Team at PixelQA

Whether you wish to develop your digital business or just open one, you need a team of professional testers to help you ship faster and obtain the best results. When you're ready, contact our team members at PixelQA to accelerate digital success by reducing test cycle time and cost.

Our Automation Testing Process

Pixel QA follows a systematic process to deliver software testing projects to our clients. Also, we ensure completing the tasks within the set deadlines online. Our process includes several phases are like:

Requirement Analysis
Test Planning
Test Case Development
Test Environment Setup
Test Execution
Test Closure

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