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Security Testing

Security testing is a crucial aspect of detecting, analyzing, and resolving bugs & glitches in your software, website, and mobile application's policies and practices. It helps avoid any potential security breaches later in the project. PixelQA experts help companies to protect confidential data by offering efficient and thorough software security testing services. Our security testing company offer:

  • Combining scanning tools and manual testing to uncover all vulnerabilities in your software and IT infrastructure
  • Prioritizing vulnerabilities by their importance
  • Scanning software source code to unearth security defects from the development stage
  • Simulating attack scenarios to learn the vulnerabilities of your app or IT infrastructure
  • Ensuring the resilience of your system by overloading application or network servers
  • Ensuring the relevancy of your software and IT infrastructure to regulatory standards
  • Performing a secure code review of source codes to determine their defects and vulnerable spots
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Why You Need Security Testing Services?

We have years of experience in testing the security of our customers' products, on-premises, and infrastructure. This experience has shown us that regular security testing services can save up to thousands of dollars in client trust, business reputation, productivity, and more. PixelQA delivers end-to-end API security testing, web security testing, mobile app security testing, and software security testing to ensure business protection and client retention.

Our security testing company help:

  • Preserve the brand`s reputation from potential damage caused by protection incidents
  • Predict possible vulnerabilities prior to problems
  • Automate the security process to improve delivery cycles
  • Comply with worldwide essentials and prevent damage
  • Decrease cybercriminals’ opportunities to attack your software and network
  • Avoid unauthorized access to private and discreet data

Why Choose PixelQA for Security Testing Services?

Extensive Experience

With a strong background in cybersecurity, PixelQA boasts an extensive customer security testing portfolio, which includes small companies to large corporations.

Comprehensive Security Testing Service

With hundreds of completed testing projects, we offer a range of IT security testing, including analysis, requirement definition, exploitation, and finally, delivering actionable information with remediation guidance.

Working with various industries

PixelQA offers cybersecurity for clients in various industries, including finance, retail, healthcare, education, and travel.

Skillful Testing Team

An expert security testing team, including certified engineers and testers, will help you protect your software from all potential security violations.

Responsive Support

The PixelQA support team is available to answer all your questions and concerns regarding the testing process.

Affordable Protection

The PixelQA security testing service is suitable for small businesses and offers affordable rates.

Contact Our Experts

With the daily appearance of new threats and cyber attacks, your organization needs constant security and penetration testing activities to determine, assess and prioritize potential threats to your data, technologies, and privacy. Contact PixelQA experts, and start protecting your business now.

Our Security Testing Process

Pixel QA follows a systematic process to deliver software testing projects to our clients. Also, we ensure completing the tasks within the set deadlines online. Our process includes several phases are like:

Requirement Analysis
Test Planning
Test Case Development
Test Environment Setup
Test Execution
Test Closure

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