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Assurance of Software Stability Through Regression Testing

Our Regression Testing services are designed to fortify clients' software against the ever-present risk of unintended defects and functionality regressions. As the software undergoes updates or new feature additions, our dedicated testing experts ensure that these changes do not compromise the existing functionalities and cover the critical aspects of the application to detect any adverse effects on the overall system.

PixelQA is committed to precision, coupled with state-of-the-art testing methodologies to ensure a seamless user experience, and safeguard software's integrity. By systematically retesting the modified code alongside key features, we ensure thorough validation of software changes. Choose our reliable Regression testing company for testing services that elevate your software quality and propel your development endeavors forward.

  • Detecting Unintended Side Effects
  • Ensuring Code Integrity
  • Building User Confidence
  • Validating Bug Fixes
  • Adapting to Changing Requirements
  • Maintaining Software Quality
  • Verifying Integrations
benefits of regression testing

Reasons to Perform Regression Testing

  • Detecting and identifying unintended errors, bugs, or defects introduced during development or modification.
  • Validating bug fixes without introducing new problems or impacting other parts of the application.
  • Ensure the integrity of the codebase by verifying that modifications align with coding standards without affecting existing features.
  • Verifies that different modules within the software ecosystem integrate seamlessly, avoiding conflicts between various parts of the application.
  • Facilitates adaptability to changing requirements by quickly validating that modifications align with evolving project specifications.

Diverse Regression Testing Service We Offer

Regression Test Selection

We ensure efficient testing by strategically selecting and executing a subset of test cases based on a risk assessment, focusing on critical areas impacted by recent changes to streamline the testing process.

Re-test All Regression Testing

Guarantee comprehensive validation as we meticulously re-run the entire suite of test cases, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that recent modifications have not introduced any unexpected defects.

Progressive Regression Testing

Embrace an evolving testing approach by progressively incorporating new test cases alongside existing ones, adapting our testing suite to the changing software landscape as your project evolves.

Selective Regression Testing

Optimize testing efforts by selectively choosing specific test cases based on the areas affected by recent changes, striking a balance between thorough testing and efficiency.

Partial Regression Testing

Focus on the modules or functionalities directly impacted by recent changes, ensuring a targeted approach to testing that aligns with the scope of modifications made to your software.

Complete Regression Testing

Conduct a comprehensive examination of your entire application, irrespective of the scope of recent changes, to validate the overall functionality and stability of your software.

Unit Regression Testing

Validate the integrity of individual units or components of your software, ensuring that recent changes or additions have not introduced defects at the unit level.

Corrective Regression Testing

Corrective Regression Testing is a focused approach that validates specific corrections or modifications made to a software system as well as maintains the integrity of the software throughout the development lifecycle.

Our Two Approaches to Regression Testing

Manual Testing

  • Manual regression testing permits exploratory analysis, uncovering subtle issues that automated scripts may often overlook.
  • Easily adapts to evolving requirements and changes, making it suitable for dynamic development environments.
  • Allows for a user-centric evaluation, considering subjective aspects like user experience and interface aesthetics.
  • It can be more cost-effective due to its simplicity and reduced setup requirements.
  • Simulates realistic user interactions, ensuring a more accurate representation of actual system usages.
Initiate Manual Regression Testing

Automation Testing

  • Minimizes manual effort, freeing up resources to focus on more complex and creative aspects of testing.
  • Enable parallel test execution on multiple environments, optimizing testing efficiency by reducing execution time.
  • Delivers a quick feedback loop, allowing teams to identify and address issues rapidly, particularly during continuous integration and delivery.
  • Seamlessly integrate into continuous integration pipelines, facilitates regular testing within the development workflow.
  • Supports data-driven testing, by executing the same script with various sets of data for in-depth scenario validation.
Initiate Automation Regression Testing

What Makes Our Regression Testing Services Exceptional?

Tailored Test Strategies

We develop customized regression testing strategies tailored to the unique needs of your software, ensuring a targeted approach that maximizes efficiency and thoroughness.

Domain-Specific Knowledge

Our team of testing experts possesses deep domain-specific knowledge, allowing us to understand the intricacies of your industry and develop regression testing scenarios that align with industry standards and user expectations.

Agile Integration

We seamlessly integrate regression testing into Agile development methodologies and provide rapid feedback on changes, ensuring software modifications are thoroughly validated in real-time.

Client-Centric Approach

Our client-centric approach means that we prioritize your specific needs and goals. We work closely with you to understand your objectives, tailoring our automated regression testing services to deliver outcomes that align with your vision for software excellence.

Automation Expertise

As a leading Regression testing company, we accelerate test cycles without compromising precision. Our expertise in test automation enhances efficiency and reduces time-to-market for your software.

Adherence to Best Practices

Our automated regression testing services adhere to the highest standards of quality assurance, ensuring that your software not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of functionality, performance, and reliability.

Our Robust Regression Testing Process

Regression Testing Process at PixelQA is designed to ensure the continued functionality, stability, and reliability of the software throughout its lifecycle. Have a look at our process-flow:

Requirement Analysis
Test Planning
Test Case Development
Test Environment Setup
Test Execution
Test Closure

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