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Manual Testing

Manual testing simply means testing the software manually to find and remove defects. It is crucial to ensure that your developed software is working flawlessly. Even in today's automation world, manual testing services help you double-check your software and certify that everything is tested and ready to be released.

PixelQA helps you ensure there aren't any issues and glitches that affect the usability or efficacy of your project. Our manual testing company helps you:

  • Test all features of the software for optimal results
  • Test apps to assure ideal functionality across multiple browsers, OS, and databases
  • Test functionality and user flows within the software
  • Identify the potential outcomes of configuration changes
  • Test networks to provide convenient usability
  • Ensure the compatibility of software across various devices
  • Test for a straightforward UX and ensure an ideal user experience
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Why Do You Need Manual Testing Services?

Using automation testing, you can speed up the testing process significantly. However, manual software testing services offer thorough testing for all types of software. If you work on a small project, automated testing is only an extra cost. Manual testing is done from the user's perspective and can enhance the products’ usability and offer the optimal user experience.

PixelQA, a manual testing company, will answer all your needed tests and help with the following:

  • Understanding the users' interaction with the app
  • Adjusting the testing process and technique according to each product
  • Including multiple platform coverage tests on every single one, ensuring ideal performance
  • Providing convenient scalability according to the project's requirement
  • Improving user experience
  • Releasing enhanced software with fewer defects

Why Choose PixelQA for Manual Testing Services?

In-depth Service Knowledge

Hire manual testers from PixelQA and have thorough and step-by-step knowledge of the process. Our tester will provide reports according to your needs and requests.

Optimal Usability Testing

Our usability testing includes evaluating the interaction of the users by creating a user experience and a QA tester who observes the process.

Early Issue Finding

Exploratory testing allows our manual testers to detect errors outside of the testing and start the process more quickly.

Performing Ad-hoc Testing

Hire manual testers to find any potential errors at the early stages. Our expert testers perform ad-hoc testing randomly and unplanned, meaning no documentation is followed.

Dedicated Expert Team

With years of experience under their belt, PixelQA testers are a handpicked team of professional QA engineers and testers ready to help you develop your projects.

On-time Delivery

In today's competitive market, every second is crucial in leading your business to success. Thus, we work hard to deliver your project with no delay.

Book a Call

As a highly experienced manual testing company, we offer manual testing services to hundreds of companies in different fields. Hire manual testers now and identify your product bugs, failures, and crashes. Get in touch with us!

Our Manual Testing Process

Pixel QA follows a systematic process to deliver software testing projects to our clients. Also, we ensure completing the tasks within the set deadlines online. Our process includes several phases are like:

Requirement Analysis
Test Planning
Test Case Development
Test Environment Setup
Test Execution
Test Closure

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