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Load and Performance Testing Services

Load time, application usability, and web services/API scalability are integral aspects of today’s digital world. Load performance testing allows you to test the impact of all pending code changes to the software’s backend in GitLab CI/CD. Load and performance testing can be used to perform different types of tests against software endpoints, including APIs, Web Controllers, and more. Our load testing company offers:

  • Load testing ensures the ideal performance of the software
  • Stress testing checks software performance under higher loads
  • Scalability testing checks the software performance by increasing and decreasing the load
  • Spike testing evaluates software performance during quick and constant increased load
  • Endurance testing checks for potential system errors like memory leaks
  • Volume testing determines the efficiency of software performance with different amounts of data
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Why You Need Load Performance Testing?

To ensure optimal performance of your app or website under workload, mobile app performance testing and website performance testing are two crucial aspects of your overall quality assurance. PixelQA, a load performance testing company, helps you:

  • Eliminate any possible load and performance congestion
  • Discover product improvement requirements prior to the launch
  • Enhance software performance and speed
  • Enhance the software or website's stability and reliability
  • Determine errors and measure performance under expected workloads
  • Measure the error rate to check the percentage of requests resulting in errors

Why PixelQA for Load and Performance Testing?

Cost-Effective Load Performance Testing

More savings with PixelQA enhanced test coverage and rapid error discovery. Our quick debugging prevents errors in each release and reduces the mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Resolve Errors ASAP

Ensure the ideal performance with PixelQA, built around professional and up-to-date techniques. We conduct testing services with advanced tools specified for your project.

Reliable and Scalable Performance

Conducting multiple mobile app load testing and website load testing, we confirm that your product provides consistent results even after upgrades.

Superior Load and Performance Testing Quality

PixelQA testers run automated and manual tests several times, ensuring the same accuracy each time.

Quick Start

Many PixelQA projects begin with a few days' advance notice. Prioritizing clients' projects, we ensure you receive everything on time.


Before starting the project, you can get an estimate of the time and money spent on load performance testing.

Get in Touch

Looking for a reliable company to manage needs, faults, and test cases with traceability and analysis? Test your code's performance and load at large scales directly from your IDE. Our expert team of load testers can help you get started with tailored load-testing services. Contact PixelQA engineers and testers for your mobile app, website, or software.

Our Load and Performance Testing Process

Pixel QA follows a systematic process to deliver software testing projects to our clients. Also, we ensure completing the tasks within the set deadlines online. Our process includes several phases are like:

Requirement Analysis
Test Planning
Test Case Development
Test Environment Setup
Test Execution
Test Closure

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