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Compatibility Testing

In today's competitive market, it is vital for your business to release products that reflect their true value, and to do so, quality assurance services are a crucial stage. Compatibility testing services are one aspect of non-functional QA that confirms the application or website’s compatibility with various platforms.

Compatibility testing ensures that the system operates ideally for all users across different environments. PixelQA compatibility testing company specializes in:

  • Mobile compatibility testing to manage the requirement of applications, ensuring they run as anticipated across various platforms
  • Browser compatibility testing to ensure optimal user experience on the browser
  • Software compatibility testing across various environments to identify potential errors and defects
  • Network compatibility testing to ensure that the networks and hardware can manage the required processing
  • Forward Compatibility Testing to ensure that the software is compatible with the upcoming versions
  • Backward compatibility testing to ensure that the latest versions of the software are compatible with the older ones
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Why You Need Compatibility Testing Services

PixelQA delivers exhaustive OS compatibility testing services specifically designed for systems. Our services include the complete lifecycle of your software – from design to release and monitoring. We consider all the variables using fully equipped advanced compatibility testing tools that support the hardware, OS, website, and mobile app.

Our compatibility testing company helps you:

  • Find vulnerable spots in the software prior to the release
  • Eliminate compatibility problems after the launch
  • Improve the quality of the app by detecting errors and issues
  • Ensure optimal user experience and clients satisfaction
  • Increase your business's profitability
  • Ensure minimal to zero compatibility problems in the future

Why Choose PixelQA as Your Compatibility Testing Company?

Tailored Testing Services

PixelQA professional testers offer tailored device compatibility testing specified to your projects and their specific requirements and needs.

Professional Approach

Our compatibility team is comprised of highly experienced engineers and testers with skills in advanced tools, languages, and frameworks.

Reliable Testing Team

Bringing years of experience to the table, PixelQA implements best practices to deliver desired outcomes that our customers demand.

Covering Companies from Various Industries

PixelQA testers offer services for companies from different industries, including gaming, e-commerce, banking, financial services, real estate, insurance, Education, Audio, etc.

Years of Compatibility Testing Experience

With years of experience in this industry, the PixelQA testing team offers compatibility testing services for all devices and platforms.

Compatibility Testing with a Business Look

Understanding the importance of digital impressions in today's market, we plan and deliver our testing services with an eye on your industry and its requirements.

Get In Touch

PixelQA's professional compatibility testing service includes various devices, OS, peripherals, platforms, and hardware. When you're ready, take the next step and contact our testing team for further information.

Our Software Testing Process

Pixel QA follows a systematic process to deliver software testing projects to our clients. Also, we ensure completing the tasks within the set deadlines online. Our process includes several phases are like:

Requirement Analysis
Test Planning
Test Case Development
Test Environment Setup
Test Execution
Test Closure

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