API Testing with Postman

APItesting with Postman is a comprehensive software platform dedicated to testing APIs, allowing users to build, test, design, modify, and document APIs. Postman provides a user-friendly graphical interface for sending and inspecting HTTP requests and responses. The significance of API testing has greatly increased, becoming an essential component of contemporary software development, guaranteeing that APIs function as intended and deliver the desired results.

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What Is API(Application Programming Interface)?

API is a set of rules, protocols and tools to communicate and interact with the different applications to each other. Basically, it is a collection of software functions and procedures.

Types of API

Simple object Access protocols (SOAP)

Representational State Transfer (REST)

1: SOAP (Simple Object Access protocols)

SOAP is a protocol for communicating to application.it is supporting only xml data exchange. It's wide range of communication protocols across the internet and is useful in legacy application and privates Api

2: REST (Representational State Transfer)

Rest Api is an Architecture style for communicating to application.it is supporting Xml, Json, text, Html data format. it is work only with HTTPS and is useful in Moden application and public Apis

Rest API HTTP Method

GET Method

The purpose of the get method is to retrieve data from the server and use it to request any of the following resources.

  • Web page or Html file
  • Image or video
  • A Jason documents
  • A CSS file or java script file
  • An Xml file

GET Method

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POST Method

This method sends data to the server or processing and the data sent to server is typically following form.

  • Input filed for online forms
  • Xml or Json data
  • Text data from query parameter

POST Method

Put Method

It is used to completely replace a resource identified with given URL and The Put request method include two rules

  • A Put operation always includes a payload that describes a completely new resource definition to be saved by the server
  • The put operation use exact URL of the target resource

PUT Method

Delete Method

Delete Method is used to points to be removed from server

Delete Method

PATCH Method

The Requirement for put operation to always send complete resources repartition to the server is wasteful if only small change is need to a large resource

PATCH Method

HEAD Method

The Head Method simply returns metadata about a recourse on the server and commonly used to check specific conditions.

  • The size of recourse on the server
  • If a resource exists on server or not
  • The last modified date of resource
  • Validity of cached resource on the server

Http Status and Code Validate

1: Http Request status code 200 ok

The Request has been validated through code

Http Request Status Code 200

2: Http Request status code 201 Created

The request has been validated through Status

Http Request Status Code 201

Http Request Headers Validate

The request has been validated through Status

Http Request Headers Validate

Http Request Cookies Validate

The Request has been validated through cookies

Http Request Cookies Validate

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Http Request Responses Time Validate

The Request has been validated through response time

Http Request Responses Time Validate

Http Request Body Response Validate

The Request has been validated through response body

Http Request Body Response Validate


API Testing using postman a pivotal aspect of quality assurance. API testing using Postman empowers developers and testers to ensure the reliability and functionality of their APIs. Postman's intuitive interface and features for request handling and response analysis help ensure API creation reliability. Postman provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating, organizing and executing tests on your API.

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