Mobile Testing

A Quick Overview of Mobile App Testing Tools
Partnering with an accredited service provider like PixelQA and using reliable manual testing services will help you improve app quality, reduce time-to-market, enhance security, and cost savings for your business.
Steps To Design an Effective Mobile App Testing Strategy
Crafting an effective mobile app testing strategy is essential for the success of your application, and partnering with a reliable Mobile App Testing Company like PixelQA can greatly enhance the process.
Who Performs Mobile App Testing?
PixelQA's expert mobile app testers take the wheel and steer your app towards success. Our dedicated team of experts can help you identify defects, enhance the user experience, and deliver impressive mobile apps.
Mobile App Testing on Virtual Device Vs Real Device
When it comes to the best practices, there are two primary options, each presenting a different problem-solving approach, different accuracy, and different approach to user experience. Without having some knowledge and expertise, it's impossible to choose between these two methodologies.
Challenges in Mobile Applications Testing
Mobile application testing has become one of the core aspects of app design and development projects.At the same time, addressing mobile app testing challenges has also become a major concern for coders, program developers, and managers.
Difference Between Mobile App & Web App Testing
In this post, we offer insights into the features and benefits of mobile app testing and web app testing. Drawing on our extensive experience in QA testing,